Humberside Co-operative Development Agency Limited



Who are we?
Humberside CDA was founded in 1985 by Humberside County Council as an arms length agency, to support and develop Co-operatives and Social Enterprises in the Humberside area. In 1996 Humberside was dissolved into four unitary authorities and the CDA become an independent organisation.

We receive no external funding and provide a mixture of free and commercial support to Co-operatives (and people looking to set one up) Social Enterprises and other Not For Profit organisations (and people looking to set one up).

Our services to Co-operatives can be funded by the Co-operative Group, so are free to clients. For non co-operative organizations we may have to charge but there may be pro-bono support available depending on circumstances. Either way, please feel free to contact us and we'll discuss your specific needs and circumstances.

What’s on this site?
We’ve provided a whole range of free resources for you to use. These can all be found on the
Useful Information & Free Resources page. Tools include:

The Structure-o-Matic: A tool for working out what legal structure best suits your needs.

E-Business Planner: An interactive business plan template.

Other Resources: A variety of other resources including sample employment contracts, general notes and business guides.

Why work with us?
We think that there are many reasons that you should consider working with us, we’ve listed some below and you’ll find a raft of testimonials on the Testimonials page to support these statements.

Experience: Humberside CDA is a social enterprise itself and has been since its founding in 1985 and its members now consist wholly of people involved in social enterprise in Humberside.

Hands on: All of the CDA's advisors and consultants are actively involved in social enterprises of their own, bringing real world experience to the support they can give you.

Quality: We pride ourselves on the quality and manner of our delivery. We treat our clients as we'd want to be treated ourselves.

Networking: The CDA has an active policy of networking its clients, encouraging them to work together and share experience where possible.

Referall: The CDA strongly believes that clients should receive the best possible service. As part of this we will refer you to other support agencies where appropriate.

Specialist advice: The CDA has access to various people involved in social enterprise who can come in and give you practical advice in specialist areas.

What we can offer you
The CDA offers a wide range of services both in-house and through our network of trusted subcontractors. If you have any needs which don’t appear in the list below please feel free to contact us as we may be able to help you regardless.

General Advice and Guidance: The CDA can provide general advice and guidance when you need it.

Business Planning: The CDA can help you put together a business plan for the organisation using our propriety software, developed in house specifically for social enterprises.

Legal Structures & Governance: The CDA will discuss your ideas and help choose the best legal structure for your new enterprise, then help you set it up.

Financial Planning: The CDA can help you plan budgets for projects and other purposes.

Project Management: The CDA can help you in the planning and delivery of projects.

Management Systems: The CDA can assist you in putting in systems to manage your organization (including PAYE systems).

Identifying and Getting Grants: The CDA can help you identify suitable sources of grant funding (if there are any available to you), then help you put together applications to get at them.

Social Auditing: The CDA can work with you to set up social audit systems for your organisation and act as your external auditor if you wish.